Picture.cgi is an image gallery script that reads all the images from your directory and displays their thumbnails on either a formatted HTML page, a page without formatting, or in a popup window. Once the script is installed, all you need to do is drop image files into your directory, and the CGI takes care of all the rest!
UPDATED 06/04/02: Now you can use one script for multiple galleries. This is a brand new addition.
UPDATED 07/09/02: I didn't make this a formal update with changing the version number or anything (too lazy). What I did this time is add more options for the thumbnails in the config file. I hope they are useful.
Oh yeah, I'm not a Netscape user, so I've neglected testing in that browser until now. I've fixed a really bad NS bug, so versions 1.5 and 2.0 now work in that browser.
UPDATED 06/05/03: In this update I did a lot of things, the biggest being the removal of the file naming convention that forced people to rename their image files. The feature is still in the script, but you need to turn it on in config.cgi to use it. I think most people won't use it since it is a hassle to rename all of those image files. The next thing I updated was to allow you to choose what type of sorting you want: normal, reverse, or none. Finally, I update the script so that if you want to use your actual image files as thumbnails you can, instead of having separate smaller thumbnail files in a thumbnail directory. There are disadvantages to this, though.
UPDATED 07/10/03: Now there are two more sorting options: timestamp and rev_timestamp. If you want to sort by the last modified date of your image files, then these options will do that for you.
UPDATED 09/02/03: I've added several new features. First, I added captions that will appear below each image if you turn the feature on. I added cellspacing and cellpadding to the list of configurable options. They allow you to put space between each image. I added font and font size to the config file. Now you can choose your own font and the size.
UPDATED 02/26/05: KNOWN BUG: OK, if you are getting a "Premature end of script headers" error after installing this script, then try doing a search and replace for $form in the picture.cgi file. Change it to something else like $damnbug. If that still doesn't work, then try this link for helpful tips: 500 error tips.
UPDATED 12/08/05: Fixed a small bug with the popup in version 2.0. Now each window is given a different name so that if you already have a popup window open you can open another image in its own window, instead of the same one.

I've done extensive testing, but bugs could still remain. If there are any problems please e-mail me. Thanks!

Download Picture.cgi -- Demo -- V1.0 -- 4819 downloads as of Sat Jan 27 04:06:32 2018
Thumbnails link directly to the image

Download Picture.cgi -- Demo -- V1.5 -- 4771 downloads as of Sun Jan 14 02:57:40 2018
Thumbnails link to a display page for the images

Download Picture.cgi -- Demo -- V2.0 -- 14917 downloads as of Wed Feb 14 15:22:26 2018
Thumbnails link to a popup window for the images. Cool thing about this version is that it calculates the size of your image (gif or jpg) and creates a popup window to fit that size.

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